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A Definitive Guide For Creating Stunning Pitch Decks

A Definitive Guide For Creating Stunning Pitch Decks In 2023

A Definitive Guide For Creating Stunning Pitch Decks

What is a Deck or A Pitch Deck?

In this fast moving world, everybody has an eye for what is going to be the next big thing from which they can earn money. Raising funds for startups has been a competitive game itself. This is where the pitch decks enter. Do you know how many Pitch Decks are created each day? Well, according to 1000+ pitch decks are created in California and San Francisco alone. Each day, new startups are ready to introduce themselves to the world of investors hence, each day new Pitch Decks are being created.

A Pitch Deck, as the definition states, is a concise and precise overview of your business model, its objectives and the revenue model for an investor. It is a concise and precise plan to help investors understand about y our business model, your monthly goals, your quarterly and yearly goals, and most importantly how it is different from other businesses.

Difference here does not mean the difference in businesses or sectors, but two same businesses with different business models distinguishes the effectiveness of each one. The investors are always hungry to maximize their profits, their income and multiply their revenue streams. You only have to address their pain point with a compelling Pitch Deck in order to become a part of their portfolio.

Why are Pitch Deck Important ?

People call it a fund-raising tool, but it is way more than that. Have you ever thought why? In just 30 minutes you can raise up to millions, in just 4 minutes you can know if the investor is interested or not. In just months you are able to establish yourself as an entrepreneur in this fast moving world.

People underestimate the power of a pitch deck. It is a secret sauce to a recipe that earns you in millions. For that you have to be extremely precise with your deck. It should be able to catch the attention of the investors in the first minute only.

A pitch deck is an all in one tool! It helps you communicate your business plan to your investors in a creative way. With the help of visual storytelling you can always captivate your investors and take them on a journey. It is highly impeccable to create something as compelling and stunning because it is a matter of minutes. You usually do not have hours to explain, it should be precise and captivating so, that the investors are attentive to what you have to say.

Guide For Creating Stunning Pitch Decks

How Many Slides Should A Pitch Deck Have?

A standard rule when it comes to the number of slides a pitch deck should have is that it should not be more than 10 or 12 slides maximum. This is mainly because the people you are presenting this pitch deck are extremely busy with a hectic schedule. They want to make sure that their time is valued which is why a pitch deck should be concise and to the point.

The emphasis must be on grabbing attention of your investors from the very first slide. When you do that, you automatically come up with ideas to shorten your pitch down listing only the vital points that cover most of your pitch.

Moreover, you must reduce providing detailed intros of your team members as investors are simply not interested in your biographies. Most of the people make this mistake while presenting a pitch deck. The necessary point is capturing the attention of your audience by explaining your idea in a way that is unique and innovative.

Why should A Pitch Deck Consist Of Only 10-12 Slides?​

In a time where the average attention span of humans is competing with that of a goldfish, a boring startup presentation is the last thing an investor would like to have on their schedule. Hence, it is essential to keep it crisp, concise, and focused on the problem your startup intends to solve.

Take the first step to create
“The Perfect Pitch Deck”

It certainly takes a huge effort in creating a pitch deck which leaves a lasting impression, but it is never too late to start. This guide is a roadmap to success from which you can learn and upskill yourself.

If you do not know where to start from have a look at Start right away!

Frequently asked questions​

The arrangement of slides, information presented in it and the creativity with which a pitch deck is made distinguishes it from the rest.

In order to create a visually appealing deck, it is important that the contents and all information with exceptional design and presentation skills.

Investors normally look at the way in which a business idea is pitched to them and whether it is sustainable enough to become profitable and scalable in the long run.

An ideal reference to this is provided by Guy Kawasaki. He clearly states that the pitch deck must not exceed more than 10 slides so if your pitch deck exceeds this then you need to revise your pitch deck accordingly.

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